Restoration of old Photos

Do you want to revive your old memories on perhaps damaged photos?

Fine Art

Painting, photography, drawing, sketching, creating…


I’m especially keen on making Fine Art Photographic projects, however if you need events photography, we can also be at service.

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Page Layout

Do you have a text that you want to be laid out so that it can be printed and published? We can do Page Layout and design for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design services ranging from Fliers, business cards, logos, …


Handcrafting objects from wood and restoring traditional woodworking tools


2017-05-14 11.50.40_DSC00914_Web

Two Baptisms

This last Sunday two baptisms happened. We had Church by the Sava River instead of in the building. It was a beautiful day, even though it started raining in the second half. At least the baptisms were in the hot and sunny part of the day. I wish Neža and Tahlia a good walk with […]

These two are a very simple design for my friend's 20th birthday. Made from beech wood.

Woodcraft and other updates

Those of you, who have been following me on other channels or privately already know, that I’ve been working with wood for quite some time now. I really love working with wood and making things. Unfortunately I’m low on budget and thus can’t work with wood as much as I would like. That is due […]

2017-04-23 09.37.44_DSC00016_small

Cerkveni oddih, EKC Radovljica v Osilnici

Prejšnji vikend smo z EKC Radovljica preživeli čudovit vikend v Oslinici. Res je lepo, ko lahko cerkev kot velika družina preživlja skupen čas več kot pa samo ob nedeljskih bogoslužjih. Hvaležen za ves čas ki smo ga lahko preživeli v gradnji odnosov, prijateljstev, ob igrah in super debatah. Hvaležen sem, da sem del te skupnosti […]

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Graphic Design by Matic Jelovčan
Photo: Matic Jelovčan, © Some Rights Reserved (CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA)
"It's been very grim, but there seems to be something on the horizon..."
Tanki pred Gimnazijo Kranj in Majdičevo vilo na Koroški cesti
Photo by Matic Jelovčan, MJ Design, © All Rights Reserved

Matic Jelovčan is the easiest guy on earth to work with. If you’ve had to deal with graphic designers as I have, you know what a blessing this is 🙂

Benjamin Siter Project Manager, Family and Life Slovenia

I am grateful for all your amazing photos.

Halie O’Ryan Singer

Highly Cool!

Matjaž Črnivec General Secretary, Bible Society of Slovenia

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