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Restoration of old Photos

Do you want to revive your old memories on perhaps damaged photos?

Fine Art

Painting, photography, drawing, sketching, creating…


We are especially keen on making Fine Art Photographic projects, however if you need events photography, we can also be at service.

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Page Layout

Do you have a text that you want to be laid out so that it can be printed and published? We can do Page Layout and design for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design services ranging from Fliers, business cards, logos, …



“Alien”, Performing Arts Camp 2016 Show

Yet another year students from Performing Arts Camp made a spectacular show. All of you who have been at more than one performance in the last several years, let me tell you, the progression is clearly visible. They outdid themselves this time as well. Youth that had performed, had learned all of it in just […]


Kids Camp 2016, Radovljica

Sorry for the late post on this… As noted on Facebook, Windows 10 update bricked my UEFI and MBR on my laptop so I had to find some workarounds. Luckily everything works now and I’m back working as normal. As the title suggests, this post is not on me fixing my laptop, but photos and […]


Custom Axe Handle

Many people don’t know that, but I love old tools. A lot of those tools are usually in a quite terrible condition. Axes are among those tools that people don’t treat well. Couple days ago, for instance, I restored two axes that my grandma dunked in water so that wood would expand. Wood of course […]

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Graphic Design by Matic Jelovčan
Photo: Matic Jelovčan, www.mj-d.si © Some Rights Reserved (CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA)
"It's been very grim, but there seems to be something on the horizon..."
Tanki pred Gimnazijo Kranj in Majdičevo vilo na Koroški cesti
Photo by Matic Jelovčan, MJ Design, www.mjd.si © All Rights Reserved
Photo by: Matic Jelovčan© All Rights Reserved

Matic Jelovčan is the easiest guy on earth to work with. If you’ve had to deal with graphic designers as I have, you know what a blessing this is 🙂

Benjamin Siter Project Manager, Family and Life Slovenia

I am grateful for all your amazing photos.

Halie O’Ryan Singer

Highly Cool!

Matjaž Črnivec General Secretary, Bible Society of Slovenia

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