Ogledalo demokracije 11

Ogledalo demokracije

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Yesterday I was invited to photograph the event titled “The mirror of Democracy” wich was organized by društvo Svetilnik, whose aim is to promote ideas of liberty. The event was quite interesting because the two guest speakers: president of the national assembly dr. Milan Brglez (SMC is politically supposedly mid-left) and mag. Matej Tonin from […]

Svetopisemski maraton 2015 2

Svetopisemski maraton 2015

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I’ve been working with the Bible Society of Slovenia for a while now and one of the events, that it’s involved with is The Bible Marathon (Svetopisemski maraton) which is, contrary to what it sounds like, not running with the Bible around, although that would be fun as well. It’s got to do with reading the […]