DSC08954 web 830x553 - Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob

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As I was cleaning things last week, I found two brass bobs. I didn’t know what they were, but assumed that they were for checking for plumb. So I looked on the interwebs and realized I was correct. They indeed were two small Plumb Bobs. So I decided to clean them up, release the milimeter […]

2017 07 30 16.33.03 DSC08770 Web 830x554 - Two Families

Two Families

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I was asked to photograph my pastor’s family. Sebastian’s wife, Glorija, really likes my photography and so she arranged that I spend a Sunday after the church with them and invite another family, to do a joint photoshoot with both families and some hanging out. Photography was done in the outskirts of Radovljica and in […]

2017 07 02 17.00.35 DSC03482 Web 830x554 - A Wedding Anniversary

A Wedding Anniversary

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This last Sunday I was hired to photograph a Wedding Anniversary. It was a very unique experience, having been hosted in a Conference hall. It was very fun and lively though. Aleš and Helena, who celebrated having been married for a decade, shared their story and 10 steps for a good and healthy marriage. Afterwards […]